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Noah chair

‘The wreck of Noah’s flood’

A remarkable Scottish provincial bog-oak and bog yew armchair, mid 19th century.

Inlaid with various symbols and with horn, metal and a moonstone and profusely carved with text, the principle part of which reads:

‘Dear Friends, When Looking at this chair, bring to mind those terriable bygone days when those two fresh green trees standing alive where hewn or layed, and for thousands years there resting places has been as one with that bed of clay. Those condemed wrecked trees have bend there heads two our almight King / Wreck of Noah Flood. Drowned, haped [in Scots read as covered] up, an buried in that great almighty sea; before it where brought up today and for a proof of the Holy Book I have made into a chair’.

Height: 45.5in. / 106cm
Width: 21.5in. / 55cm
Depth: 20.5in. / 52cm



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